If you’re wanting to pivot to a higher-ticket offer…listen up!
Posted on January 23, 2024

I want to tell you the ‘secret’ that took me from a $35/hour bookkeeper to a coach making $20k months.

What got you here…won’t get you there.

Whether it’s:
👉people pleasing

These are pieces of you that MUST be left behind as you build your higher ticket offer and step into that new version of yourself.

Examples of what it looked like on my own journey…

That perfectionism I thought “made me good at my job” actually held me back from taking ‘messy action’ and just doing the d*** thing.

People pleasing….I didn’t show up fully and sell because I was worried what people would think and scared to be ‘too much’.

Hustling….led to burnout.

Over-delivering meant not setting boundaries and not charging my worth.

NOW it’s so easy to see that those pieces that seemed to serve me as a $35/hour bookkeeper held me back while I was reaching my $20k/month goals and a full client roster.

If you’re ready for that up-level but you just can’t seem to book more clients, build any momentum, and don’t see any increase in the deposits to your bank account…I want to help you!

I have 2️⃣ intensives in January opening up. Is one meant to be yours?
Is it time to stop trying to do it all alone and finally make your own five-figure months?

Your messaging needs to be on-point and up-leveled from that previous version of yourself that didn’t offer the high-ticket service.

To make this a no-brainer, your best next step is to book a FREE $10k Content Strategy Call for more clients + cash. This is a free call and opens the door to the conversation and support you can get.​

Together, we’ll identify the #1 gap or opportunity ​​for you to be able to turn your content strategy around so that the time you put into it results in more clients and cash in your bank account. Whether it’s an update to your current visibility strategy for finding where you can get your time back…I’ve got you covered!

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