If you’re struggling to convert your free calls into paying clients…You probably don’t have this 👇
Posted on March 25, 2024

I’ll just jump right in here with the punchline…if you’re struggling to convert your free calls (or freebie download, or masterclass) into clients…you probably don’t have a supportive way to navigate objections.

Because your audience has them! No business owner thinks they have the time or the money to invest in your service.

And the reason someone isn’t taking that next step with you is because you haven’t addressed that.

Not talking about their objection doesn’t make it go away.
It just makes them feel validated in their brain’s own BS.

They may walk away thinking, “Good thing I didn’t invest…I’m not successful enough, smart enough, good enough…” and that’s not what we want!

How can you listen to their objections on the call or speak to them in your emails and content?

When you’re able to lean IN and listen…that’s where the magic happens! An objection isn’t a ‘no’ it’s a call for help, for permission, and to be seen and heard.

And it’s YOUR opportunity to be the person to support them in that. Because most people aren’t going to do that.

So here’s your invitation to really SEE your potential client.
Here’s the chance to step up and support them in their buyer journey and see how it gets BOTH of you more of what you want.

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