If you’re new here let me get real ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

This weekend I not only celebrated 11 amazing years of marriage ❤️

I celebrated the beautiful life of a powerhouse woman. 🍾

These two events brought such a surge of gratitude through my entire body + showed me how far I’ve come.

‘Nashville Jordan’ 11 years ago worked as a RN in a big hospital and thought another degree would be her ticket to more income.

11 years ago I was looking at advanced nursing programs figuring out my next move.

Little did I know that little ol me…

👉🏻 didn’t need another degree
👉🏻 didn’t need to work more shifts with the pay differential
👉🏻 didn’t need to keep thinking that more income came from ‘out there’

When I started my bookkeeping biz I knew I would be successful…

>> I just had NO idea I had such a capacity to create + hold the good stuff <<

Not only in my biz and the pivot from DFY hourly services to DWY high ticket for $10k plus months for 36 consecutive months.

But also in my ability to let things be THIS good.

To stretch my capacity to build + have the life that I couldn’t even dream was possible 11 years ago.

The realization that I currently live a life I could barely dream of hit me hard as a DEEP sense of gratitude this weekend.

And I truly believe it’s because I’ve done the work to be comfortable with the ‘good stuff’.

My friend…it can feel so uncomfortable to let things be better than you imagined.

I get it…but if you want a life that far exceeds what you thought possible or a biz with more revenue + clients than you ever dreamed…

You’ve GOT to stretch past your ‘normal’ comfort levels.

Let in the good stuff. ❤️
Celebrate what you’ve already created. 🍾
Play with how much better it can + will get. 🙏🏻

That is the true work as a mama + CEO.

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