If you’re a DFY service provider and you’re not booking best-fit clients….here’s ONE thing that will change all of that!
Posted on February 8, 2024

One thing that will get you a full roster with the best humans you can work with ⤵️

Let THEM step up to the plate and show why they want to work with you.


Stop playing the dancing monkey! 🐒

You know you’re good at what you do and you bring the goods…so have some ‘lean back’ energy!

It’s a subtle change but it will make a huge difference in not only booking clients but booking the RIGHT clients!

If someone isn’t a fit…they can self-select out. This serves you both because when you have the right fit clients….they stay longer! I have clients who have renewed their VIP 1:1 services for years now!

And something I remind them on a regular basis…Not everyone is a fit for your services. That’s totally fine!

The ones who are will step up. So when you’re having your sales conversations, have some ‘best-fit questions’ in your back pocket to ask them.

Take the time to lean back and see if they’re a good fit. People get so wrapped up in trying to ‘prove’ themself they forget that it goes both ways!

I’m guessing you don’t need millions of clients to be full…you just want the RIGHT clients.

That’s why you’ll want to grab my free masterclass How I Made $239k With A Small Audience (and how you can too). This training teaches you what to focus on instead of being the chameleon to please everyone, the dancing monkey to ‘convince’ someone or just wasting time trying to chase followers.

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