“If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton 🌈
Posted on November 26, 2022

Wise words from Dolly! They can apply to life AND to us as business owners.

So many entrepreneurs don’t like dealing with the ‘business side’ of their business.

Until we start treating our business like a business…we aren’t going to hit those revenue goals, owner pay, or have the impact we envision from our craft!

Once we put on our CEO hat 🧢 and step into that role, we allow what we love to do to make us money! We can have the $5k, $10k, whatever “k” month we want AND enjoy what we do. We can have the impact we want and support the clients and our communities in a fulfilling way us.

But we must take care of the ‘business side’ of business! That means prepping for year-end!

It means having our bookkeeping zipped up for tax season, 1099s, and for SEP contributions (and anything else that comes up)!

If you have loose ends in your business right now, let’s work together to create a strong foundation so you can book more clients and pay yourself more!

I invite you to book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale Call! We’ll create some action steps so you can get clear on how YOU can create some peace as you prep for YE. Only a couple spots remaining for the entire year! Link here to book!! 🔗📞

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