If you are a DFY service provider who craves those recurring $10k months I hear you…
Posted on June 5, 2024

I’ve been there. I’ve now had 35 consecutive five-figure months and I’m here to share a truth with you that was a hard-learned lesson for me.

>> Revenue doesn’t just look like a straight line up and up forever and ever amen. <<

On your path to creating recurring $10k plus monthly revenue, there will be some dips. This is normal!

You typically don’t go from $4k/month to $10k/month and just stay there. Sometimes it does look like that but more often you’ll go from $4k to $10k down to $6k then up to $10k until $10k is your new normal.

So if you pop one month and then go down again…you’re not getting it wrong.

That’s just part of the game that is business.

Your job is to stay in it long enough for this to happen.

I remember my first $10k revenue month was SUCH a big deal! My sister and I were hanging out and I told her the news and we did a special ‘cheers’ to it.🥂

Now…I haven’t dipped below that revenue number in years. It’s my new normal and what I expect every single month, at a minimum.

Building $10k monthly recurring revenue is a long-term game and you’ve got to stay in it as you acclimate to your new higher ‘normal’.

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