I work with so many business owners who are (in some shape or fashion) in business with their spouses.
Posted on March 14, 2023

Maybe they run it together or one started the business and now the other is playing a supporting role.

Whatever it looks like there are ✌️ people making decisions.

It usually plays out like this…
➡️ One spouse has been following me on social for a while or they’ve been referred to me by a friend.
➡️ We have a call and they know that working with me 1:1 and getting support is totally something they want.
➡️ They need to talk to their spouse (which I am 💯% in favor of BTW) before they make a decision.
➡️ The spouse doesn’t know who I am or what I do and doesn’t understand why they need support.
➡️ The original spouse comes back and says they can’t do it, their spouse doesn’t think they need help.
➡️ They go on dealing with the same issues in their business and feel like they’re continuing to always put out fires and not move forward.

I even see the original spouse I spoke to getting overwhelmed as time passes. In this scenario, it’s usually the wife that comes to me. She’s running her business AND a household AND all the things that come with raising a family.

She needs help and opens that door a little bit but then closes it and moves on as is.

I really feel for business owners in this scenario.

Steps to approach this conversation with your partner:
1️⃣ Decide that this is actually something you want to do 100%. If you’re not 100% in, we can’t expect someone to support us in this.
2️⃣ Ask for support vs permission. Coming from a place of, “How can we figure this out and make it work” VS “Is it okay with you if I do this?”
3️⃣ Give them time! You’ve probably been following me for a while and have been having a conversation with me. For your spouse, I’m just some random human!
4️⃣ Think about what’s the value for you and why is it important to you to do this? Is there a way you can communicate this to them so they can see it from your side?

If you’re running your business with a partner please…give yourself SO much credit!

I’d love to hear….what have you learned along the way?

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