I was always taught CPAs shouldn’t “sell” their services. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Posted on October 9, 2022

If they were good at what they did the work would come.

Please understand this was WAY before social media and I know these people were well-intentioned.

I also see the SAME public accounting firms online now ‘selling’ their services.


The better you are able to sell, the better you can support your people.

The problem is…most of us love our craft but *hate* selling. We want to be good at what we do and have people miraculously figure out they should hire us.

It’s SUCH an old-school way of thinking and we CAN do better!

If you were told similar stories about selling or feel like everyone should just *know* to work with you…you are in for a TREAT!

I’m giving you 6️⃣ ways to work through your Shhh…Stuff To Next Level Your Revenue! More clients = More Revenue = More Take-Home Profit. 💰

This month’s Masterclass is about Working Through Your Sh….Stuff So You Can Next Level Your Revenue! As a special *bonus* you’ll receive a playbook to have on the livestream and keep so you can do these exercises going forward whenever you need them!

I will give you my *exact* process for working through fears and self-limiting beliefs that pop up when I’m putting myself out there to sell. As I’ve built my own profitable, six-figure business it’s been imperative to do this work!

As a thank you for joining me, I’m giving away one coaching session to anyone who joins live and comments! We’ll work 1:1 and focus on your business, what you love, challenges you face, and create some action steps so you can focus on creating more revenue and clients to increase your take-home pay!

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