I want my business to be just like the coolest, most exclusive bar in town 😎
Posted on June 19, 2022

Ok, hear me out….

Before my husband and I were married (9 years ago!) we lived in Nashville, TN.

One of the coolest bars we went to ALWAYS had a wait. You had to sit in a little room before you could get in. The drinks were super handcrafted and amazing! The seats were limited and the service and experience were AMAZING! They focused on quality and service and people were willing to sit in a little darkroom to wait their turn.

🤫 Here’s my little secret: I want my business to be like that bar! Okay, without the dark waiting room.

But the concept is the same. I keep my business small for a reason. I want to provide exceptional service to my clients. I have no interest in being the ‘Wal-Mart’ of bookkeepers and taking on every single client who wants to haggle over price.

Our work is high touch and high value. Our amazing bookkeepers are not stretched too thin. We have 3 and I’m not interested in getting more just so we can expand. I don’t think that’s valuable to you nor is it valuable to me.

I see so many business owners afraid to ‘turn down money’. They get stretched too thin and their business turns into this runaway train that they want to get off.

Spoiler Alert! It’s okay to turn down work that isn’t aligned with what you offer/love! My clients get such an amazing experience because I’m not taking every person who (figuratively) walks through the door.

They know they can count on me to show up 💯 for every single meeting and do the in-between work because my focus is small. I’m the exclusive local bar that isn’t interested in franchising.

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