I make $20k cash months and it’s not from being the ‘hands’ in someone else’s business…
Posted on March 25, 2024

✅ You’ve been the ‘hands’ supporting clients behind the scenes for a while.

✅ You carry out the tasks they give you while they implement a ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’ strategy or chase the next marketing or algorithm hack when you KNOW there is a better way.

✅ You’re ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight to use your done-for-you service skills and experience to support your clients in a deeper more meaningful way.

And if you’re honest? You’re also ready to get paid much, much more for what you bring to the table.

This stuff seems SO obvious but why aren’t they listening?

They see you as the ‘hands’ in their business and now it’s time to create a higher-touch offer that positions you as the ‘brain’ and the support to get them further faster AND that charges a higher rate so you can pay yourself those $10k months you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to create a higher-touch (aka higher-ticket) offer that supports the sh** out of your clients, is more meaningful to you, AND an offer that makes you more money…I got you!

As someone who was talked down from $45/hour to $35/hour 8 years ago for bookkeeping services to someone who now plays a pivotal role in my client’s businesses as a 1:1 and makes $20k cash months…I am the perfect person to support you!

Your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your Higher-Ticket Offer.

On this free 1:1 coaching call, we’ll get clear on the skills YOU bring to the table and how you can package those into deeper support for your clients. Whether it’s coaching, consulting, a mastermind, or a course you’ll get to step into your power, help your clients to blow up their business and bank accounts (in a good way), and make bank while not burning out.

Your clients are waiting for you to take this next step and create those services that only YOU can provide. You’ll walk away from this coaching call with a plan to take action on now AND create more revenue while tapping into your unique skills.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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