I love rollerblading! My seven-year-old received skates for her birthday so we’ve been working on learning to skate. 🛼
Posted on October 9, 2022

One of my first “tips” was to keep your 🧦 inside your skates! {Side note: she skates for MAYBE ten minutes so the socks don’t get ‘dirty’ so…it’s fine!}

This way she can easily lace up and go! 💨

If she decided she wanted to skate and then had to go upstairs, root through her drawer for a pair of socks she would probably get distracted and not get to practice her skating.

This is the SAME in business!

What can you do NOW to set yourself up for success? Think of one area where you get distracted, procrastinate, or just dread doing. How can you make it easier?

🎙 If you do a podcast…have all the equipment in one area ready to go!
💰 If you run payroll…have all the platforms bookmarked and passwords available so you can easily log in and run it.
📑If you are constantly requesting similar information from your clients…bookmark the links and have them in an easy-to-find task list so they can get to it immediately.

Set yourself up for success! We do this in other areas of our lives all the time. Let’s apply it to business!

What do you do to make your life easier- with work or personal life? I would LOVE to hear it! Drop in the comments below!

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