I know…I’m some random chick on the internet.
Posted on June 19, 2022

I get that’s a weird thing to say but let’s just acknowledge the elephant in the room!

My grandmother (we called her Grumpy) passed away 8 years ago but I can still hear her voice in my head SO often.

If she was here today and I told her, that business owners can pay someone online to help them understand their business financials and make empowered decisions, she would probably balk at the idea! 😳

Other ideas she would balk at:
👉 paying someone to pick the dog poop out of your yard
👉 paying someone to shop for your groceries and deliver them to your door
👉 wearing workout clothes ALL day every day
👉 cheap airline tickets and wearing pj’s on the ride
👉 ordering anything online and have it arrive the next day
👉 paid time off and maternity leave
👉 fully prepped meals in grocery stores and delivered to your door

I mean…the world has changed so much! There is so much that is ‘normal’ now that we couldn’t imagine living without it!

This is the conversation I want to have with business owners.

Even if getting support in their business is a strange idea now…think about how life-changing and freeing it could be!

My experience has been that once a business owner gets support, feels empowered, and feels safe in their business…they are unstoppable! 💪

They don’t feel bogged down with all the things they don’t know. Instead, they are in a position to get that information!

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