I know this may not be a popular opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️
Posted on November 26, 2022

but…just because we DIY something…doesn’t mean we’re getting it for ‘free’.

Whether it’s money or it’s time…you are spending one of them!

I know we may not think of it that way but I know so many business owners who won’t let themself get support in their business because they want to keep all of the $$$ in their business!

I totally get it…it’s so hard to hand out 💰 if you can DIY.

But have you thought about what you could do instead?

My goal is to hand off all the things in my business that I don’t have to do. If someone else can do it…great…let’s give it to them! 🙌

My capacity to take on more work and serve more business owners is DIRECTLY related to how much admin stuff I can take off my hands.

As soon as I have the open space…clients flow in!

But when I’m in the nitty-gritty of everything, I subconsciously block more clients because I don’t have ‘time’ for them.

It is definitely a mindset thing I’ve had to work on!

It can feel scary to not DIY everything in my business. But I trust myself to get the right team in place to make it work!

Are you struggling to understand all your numbers AND show up as the CEO AND grow revenue AND…AND…AND…

We seriously have to give ourselves permission to not “do it all” if we’re going to create an intentional and sustainable business that continues to grow.

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Jordan Ilderton

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