I have 3 daughters and I DO NOT want them to be “good girls”.
Posted on January 23, 2024

This recently came up when we were talking about how to behave in church. One family mentioned being a ‘good girl’ and I disagreed….Yes…I want them to be in touch with a higher power, be introspective, be prayerful and…..they’re 8, 7, and 5 so I’d settle for just being still and quiet!

But I don’t want them to be ‘good girls’.

Personally, ‘good girl’ makes me think of women who:
-don’t go after what they want
-care what other people think about them
-limit their dreams and desires to fit into society’s version of ‘success’

Being a ‘good girl’ in business holds you back too.

It’s hard to own your magic if you’re afraid it will make others uncomfortable.

It’s hard to get visible in front of potential customers if you care what your in-laws or friends from college will think.

It’s hard to charge your value if you don’t believe you’re worth it!

So many of the ‘good girl’ traits need to be left behind to book the clients and revenue you so desire!

This is part of the 1:1 work I do with my clients!

Check-in with yourself now…what ‘good girl’ traits are holding you back from more clients and revenue in your business?

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