I don’t make $20k cash months because I give a f***k what everyone thinks. 🙈
Posted on June 5, 2024

I make consistent five-figure months because I don’t give as many f’s.

👉🏻I don’t worry what anyone who isn’t an ideal client thinks about my marketing.

👉🏻I don’t hold back from sharing what I see creates success for my 1:1 clients because it might be different than what some other ‘guru’ says or not be a canned strategy.

👉🏻And I don’t rely on hourly/DFY services where I have to support a boatload of clients.

>> If you’re going to make $20k plus months in your business, you’ve got to run out of f***s<<

AND you’ve got to stop the hourly work.

These go hand in hand if you’re ready for multi-five-figure months.

It’s also such a freeing place to be.

It’s also not as simple or easy as we’d like to think.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit that it’s been the deep 1:1 work with my coach that has helped me not give so many f***s.

After years of being the Type A, older sibling, people pleaser personality…this was HARD work for me.

>> What if I make people uncomfortable talking about the money I make?

>> What if showing people what’s possible triggers them?

These were questions that went through my head and I had to process.

These days…I feel so strongly about sharing my wins and what’s possible for other DFY providers who want to scale to $10k months I have to share!

AND want to support you to do the same!

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