I didn’t expect this when I was a bookkeeper making $35/hour trying to figure out how to pay myself $10k/month.
Posted on March 25, 2024

I couldn’t just ‘raise prices’ and automatically make more money.🤷🏻‍♀️

We hear it a lot in the online space:
👉Charge your worth
👉Cultivate a magnetic money mindset
👉Unlock your earning potential

But at a certain point…I could have been Taylor Swift + my clients would STILL only be willing to pay a certain price tag for my done-for-you services.

You may be the BEST at your DFY services but there’s a cap to what you can earn.

That’s just the truth with DFY.

You can increase prices to a certain point but you’ll only get a bunch of ‘nos’.

You can keep searching for those ‘premium clients’ who will pay your higher prices and watch your bank account slowly dwindle


You can turn those bada$$ DFY skills into coaching, consulting, mentoring, a course, or a mastermind to attract premium clients because you’ll have a premium offer to go with your price tag.

As someone who started as a bookkeeper charging $35/hour and now makes $20k cash months…take it from me….I KNOW you can either continue to feel frustrated because no one wants to pay your ‘premium’ DFY services OR create a higher-touch and higher price tag offer.

(Hint: that’s how I did it, and it’s the easier way.)

Is it your time to stop feeling frustrated with your capped revenue amount? If so, your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer.
On this call, we’ll take your valuable and marketable DFY skills and turn them into an offer that supports your clients at a higher level so that you can ALSO charge higher rates and premium pricing.

You’ll walk away with a new offer positioned to scale your DFY business that new clients will be ready to pay a premium for so you can read those $10k months without working more hours and burning out.

Stop trying to cultivate a better money mindset or pricing yourself out of the market…. instead create a strategy service that will bring you to $10k months!

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