I could see the frustration on her face. 😩
Posted on March 14, 2023

My client was ready to jump into a new (and expensive in terms of time and money) revenue stream.

But her current revenue stream wasn’t on ‘lockdown’. She had 🔥🔥🔥 everyday (literally and figuratively) that she needed to put out. She didn’t have the revenue and profit she wanted.

And now she was talking about jumping into a completely NEW venture on a whim.

I’m all about creating different revenue streams. I’m also ALL about having something on lockdown as a well-oiled machine before we start chasing every shiny ball.

➡️ I’m totally fine with the fact she was frustrated with me.
➡️ My job is to lovingly challenge my clients.
➡️ Not just go down a rabbit hole with every *good* idea they could do.

There are definitely people out there who will do that with you.

Whatever perceived ‘problem’ you have, I know 💯% that you can find someone out there that will take your money so you can ‘fix’ it.

That’s a waste of time…in my opinion.

Let’s focus on getting one revenue stream and process on lockdown. So it brings you, customers and clients, on repeat. THEN we can add another strategy or revenue stream.

Let’s get your first stream of cash on lockdown before you’re spread too thin and it doesn’t seem to be ‘working’.

What’s the revenue stream of your business that you are going all in on?

Think of something to get on lockdown.

That gets you the revenue and take-home pay you desire.

Start there.

It only gets easier from there!

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