I bought a $4200 bike because I thought I was going to die.
Posted on March 14, 2023

It legit turned out to be the BEST money I’ve ever spent! @madsencycles

It was January 2020 and I was in church.

Just me…because the girls weren’t sitting still so my husband took them outside.

A man was acting so strange…I’m in Charleston SC so a church shooting is front and center for me.

I had tears running down my face because I thought ‘this is it-my girls are going to grow up without a mom’.

It turns out..the guy acting weird had a head injury.

THAT day I went and bought the ‘expensive’ bike I had been eyeing but couldn’t fathom spending the $$.

I didn’t know that lockdown was about to happen.

I didn’t know this bike would be a way to get outside and calm everyone down when we were all sick of each other but couldn’t actually go anywhere.

I didn’t know how much fun it would be to bike it to the beach, or school, or the grocery store.

We just sold Tina (named after Tina Turner because she’s a bada$$) to another family.

It’s an end of an era for us.
Yes tears were shed over a bike and the fond memories I have!

But that experience taught me SO much!

Especially about trusting myself, what I want to spend $ on, and the value something can have outside of its price.

Money is a tool to enhance our lives.
Not something to JUST be squirreled away for ‘one day’.

I’d love to hear! Have you ever bought something ‘uncomfortably expensive’ that in hindsight…changed your life?

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