I 3X’d my annual revenue when I pivoted from DFY to DWY and I’m here to tell you how ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

I took one funnel to multi-six figures:

❌ without sacrificing time with my daughters
❌ without a big team
❌ without any ad spend

Pretty damn simple isn’t it?

I’ll lay the steps out for you:

♻️ Repackage your bada$$ DFY skills into a high ticket offer that solves a problem your audience will pay good 💰 for.

💫 Create content and messaging that speaks to your clients to give them problem awareness and WHY they need to hire you.

💥 Create a client journey that nurtures the relationship and creates safety and ease so that they take the next step with you.

🍾 Provide exceptional delivery in these services so clients see your investment as the best thing they’ve ever done for their biz!

After turning four $500-$800 bookkeeping clients into $132k and counting of 1:1 coaching revenue…

I have seen first hand the power of taking your one funnel to multi six figures. 🎉

I know you’re a mama who wants this too.

You’re not trying to build a ‘big’ business or make 7-figures a year.

You’re probably like me and want life + biz to be much more simple.

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