How To Use Facebooks Groups (including mine) To Book Your Next Client!
Posted on April 30, 2023

I hear it all the time…Facebook groups don’t work for me OR Facebook groups are dead. I agree that not EVERY Facebook group is as good as this one 😉 but Facebook Groups ‘work’ if you work them.

YES, you can 100% book clients from Facebook Groups (including this one). When you find groups with ‘your people’ in them, they are a great way to network and make connections (which is 100% what business is about).

I’m in a handful of wonderful groups and want to share some of the ways I have connected with people and then made sales AFTER those connections. You can use them in my group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs as well as in the other groups you’re in!

** This video is from a livestream that occurs every Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Facebook Group, Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs.  This group is for business owners who want to use data to make decisions from a neutral place AND create more take-home pay.  

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