How to make your business enjoyable
Posted on January 12, 2023

If there is good music I can handle anything! 🎶

I’m in my 40s, so if that music is 90’s rap or Cold Play I can ESPECIALLY handle anything!

Recently, I attended a workout class and didn’t look at the description when I signed up. Upon arriving, I realize it was a circuit class!

This is NOT my type of class… high-intensity intervals and heavy weights. 🏋️‍♀️

I was literally 👀 the door and had planned to just grab my water and leave when I was at that circuit. No one would notice. No harm no foul.

But…shout out to Boo @theworkschs …she played some awesome music! 👏

Not only did I not leave the class but I got an amazing workout! I pushed myself harder than normal and sweated and had fun. 😅

Same same for business. You may *think* you don’t love doing something in your business.

I challenge you to find your version of 90s rap. How can you make that thing enjoyable?

Maybe it’s buying your favorite coffee to sit down and create your social media posts. ☕️
Maybe it’s having a glass of wine while you post in Facebook groups. 🍷
Maybe it’s hiring an amazingly organized bookkeeper to keep your stuff straight and file sales taxes. 📊

Whatever it is! How can you love it?

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