How to make more $$ as a DFY service provider….
Posted on February 21, 2024
  1. You don’t
  2. You repackage those skills into a new higher-ticket offer!

You may not want to hear this 🙉

But making more 💵 as a DFY service provider typically means working more so that you can make more because you’re trading 💰for ⏰.

Maybe you have 3 kids.

Maybe you want to be a hands on mama.

Maybe you want freedom in your schedule.

Maybe you’re just f’n tired of clients who want the low price leader and feeling like your services are a race to the bottom.

If this feels 🔥 to you…listen up…because you need a new offer!

As someone who started 8 years ago as a bookkeeper charging $35/hr to now being a coach making $20k months…I can tell you which one is easier!

AND those bada$$ DFY skills put you in the best position to repackage them into a course, group program, consulting or coaching container, or into a mastermind.

You don’t need a new goal…you just need a new, clearer, and faster path to get there.

‘There’ being $10k PLUS months!

If you’re ready to roll out a premium offer for premium clients your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer 📲.

This is 1:1 support so that you have clarity on what you bring to the table and how to combine them into a unique offer that will allow you to go deeper with fewer clients AND 💣 your bank account!

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