How one client described 2023 as a ‘gut punch year’ and what we’re changing for 2024.
Posted on February 8, 2024

I offer a different perspective 👉 Let’s call it a ‘recalibration year’.

Maybe, like my client, you’ve had years past where the client’s work was like ‘drinking from a firehouse’ as he described it when he hired me.

Due to changes in their largest client and increased competition….their revenue didn’t look how he wanted it for 2023.

Here’s what we’re doing about it…..

We are letting go of multiple employees. Payroll is the largest expense. I know this isn’t something most coaches would taut they support clients with and…I’m not like most coaches. This needs to be done and it’s uncomfortable for him. AND we see that this is literally what the business needs to stay afloat and support the rest of the employees who are still relying on the business for their livelihood.

He is creating a free offer to get in front of his audience. He is not in the online space but that isn’t stopping us! He still has an ‘audience’ and this free offer will get people in the door who normally would not have been.

I’m not going to pretend that my clients don’t have challenges. Or that revenue goes up and up forever and ever amen.

Sometimes being a business owner means doing things that challenge you. As you stay in business longer…these don’t go away. You may actually face more because you have a bigger team and support more humans.

❌ Don’t let this deter you!

❌ Don’t let a ‘gut punch year’ hold you back in 2024.

✅ Read the writing on the wall.

✅ Do what needs to be done.

✅ Let go of what doesn’t serve the business anymore.

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