How I’ve supported clients for 8 years AND still love it ⤵️
Posted on January 23, 2024

Happy New Year btw 🎉

As we move into 2024, this marks 8 years that I’ve provided client support. Yes, some of my clients have been with me this entire time and I am so grateful for them (you know who you are)!

I also know…most businesses do not make it this far.

👉I’ve had 3 children in quick succession while running this business.
👉I’ve navigated a pandemic and lockdown with those same children home 24/7.
👉I’ve navigated multiple recessions.

I’ve seen clients leave. Default on their payments. I’ve hired team members. I’ve let go of team members. I’ve had good days and navigated plenty of challenges along the way.

And….I’m STILL standing and feel stronger than I ever have.

What’s the secret?

What has kept me here for 8 years AND navigated the roller coaster of entrepreneurship AND still freakin love this work and my business?

Wherever you are on your journey I am here to tell you ONE thing that will next level your revenue and profit…

Consistency OVER intensity.

Whoever is most consistent succeeds.

Consistently stay visible with your offers.
Consistently build relationships.
Take DAILY sales actions.
Consistently making offers despite the ‘no’ (or no reaction at all)

What I know for sure after these 8 years is…business is a game AND I know how to play it.

I want this for you! Over the past 8 years, I have filled my client roster and bring in consistent five-figure months.
While there is no 1,2,3 step process there IS a framework you need to make $100k this year. If you’re ready to make 2024 the year you join the $100k club…this month’s masterclass is for you!

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