How I’m helping my clients make more money
Posted on January 12, 2023

If you aren’t raising your rates every year (at least) you’re leaving money on the table! 💸

The more experience you have, the more testimonials you have, and the longer you have been creating magic mean you need to increase rates.

Myself included!

As we move into January 2023, I’m so excited to announce a Revenue Share Model for my new clients.
👉 Instead of raising my rates across the board (which I could easily do to reflect my expertise, experience and demand), new clients will pay the same base rate + 10% of NEW revenue generated from our work together.

It feels like such an even exchange of energy and such a great way to partner with them so we both have skin in the game! I love working with new business owners and this is a way for them to have access to high-level 1️⃣:1️⃣ as they build their businesses.

This model has already been used for years by other amazing thought leaders in my industry! I pay my coach based on this model and it feels so aligned.

I’m not raising my base rate…the only difference is that when my clients book more clients and make more revenue from our work together, my % is 10% of that. For example, if they book more clients that creates $2000 of revenue for them my revenue share portion is $200.

Most of my clients renew and are with me for the long game. I support them to build intentional and sustainable businesses through our work together. I love seeing them book clients on repeat, build their team, and bring home more take-home pay.

If you’ve been feeling the nudge to work together you can still lock in my current rate before the New Year!

Book a free call where we can discuss what that would look like!