How I work just over part-time hours and have had 36 consecutive five-figure months…
Posted on June 5, 2024

3 years ago this was not the case…I hustled and sometimes got up at 4AM to get it all done just to have my revenue capped at $8k/month.

I was burned out and frustrated and realized THIS was not the life I envisioned as a business owner and mom of 3 young girls.

The secret to my uplevel?
Letting go of what got me to $8k months as an hourly bookkeeper.

This included:
👉 letting go of some clients who weren’t a good fit anymore.
👉 letting go of the mindset that I had to do it all alone.
👉 letting go of the DFY hourly services.

Shedding what got me to the $8k months was the first layer of work.

The 2nd layer of work was to create a NEW high-ticket offer and own that NEW identity of the $10k plus business owner working less…aka…not getting up at 4AM to hustle for pennies.

If you’re a DFY service provider who is ready for an uplevel…here are 3 tips for you!

1️⃣ Create space and stillness…you need to recalibrate how you operate to create a new identity.
2️⃣ Change the way you look at things. Start to challenge your beliefs around what’s possible for you.
3️⃣ Stop trying to do it alone. Find people at the next level who have been there and done it…to support you!

The multi-six and seven-figure business owners you look up to don’t do it alone! It’s bullsh** to think that you should too!

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