How I turned three $500/month and one $800/month bookkeeping clients into $132k ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

Before I lay it out there, DM me “strategy”

👉🏻 I’ll get you access to your FREE Sold Out Strategy Session so that you can pivot your $500/month done-for-you services into a premium offer that commands a premium price tag and creates over $100k in new revenue!

I know you were SO grateful for those $500/monthly clients in the beginning but now it feels like you’re working around the clock and not getting any closer to those $5k and $10k months you deserve!

The way I turned $500/month clients into $132k was by creating a new high-ticket offer.

❌ taking on boatloads of more clients at the $500-$800/month level.

What I know for sure is that YOU are in the perfect position to repackage those bada$$ web design, social media manager, bookkeeping, content creation, and VA/OBM skills into a higher touch service that commands a higher price tag that people are waiting to pay you money for!

No, it doesn’t involve having to become sleazy or send random DMs.
No, it doesn’t involve playing the ‘dancing monkey’ or ‘convincing’ someone to hire you.

It is so much more simple than that and we do it together on your FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY service providers scaling to $10k months.

This free 1:1 coaching call will help you:
👏🏻 stop trying to copy/paste what everyone else is doing making money online and instead help you craft a unique offer that supports your revenue growth by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

👏🏻 take the high-ticket offer you’ve already created but can’t get paying clients with and figure out why it isn’t selling and create some actions to implement now, whether it’s tweaking your offer, your messaging, or your visibility, you’ll know how to start filling your roster NOW.

Sound like BS?

It’s not and it’s for the Savvy DFY providers who are ready to pivot and make more while working less.

I bet you’re one of them!

When you book your Sold Out Strategy session, you’re not only changing your business right now…you are changing the entire trajectory of what’s possible for you and your family!

DM me “strategy” to get access to your free support!

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