How I make $10k (plus) months without a slimy DM strategy ⤵️
Posted on February 8, 2024

When that random person slides into your DMs with a link to their offer so they can ‘support’ you but you’ve never seen them before and have NO idea who the heck they are or what they do…it feels gross and confusing.

We’ve all been there.

I applaud them for their efforts but if you’re like me, you delete and move on.

This is why sales makes people feel ‘icky’. They don’t want to be this person.

And if you’re here worried about that…I already know that you aren’t!

No one wants to be the chaser.

No one wants to put out their offer with that grabby energy.

Here are two tips to fill your client roster WITHOUT icky random DMs:

1️⃣ Focus on building relationships with the people who want to be in your audience. You’re having conversations with the people who actively follow you, comment, and engage with your content.
2️⃣ Offer some kind of easy and FREE way to get a taste of what working with you is like. When you buy products you can smell them, test them, drive them, etc. Let someone do this with your services! Whether it’s a freebie download, a free webinar, or a personal 1:1 call with support…the firsthand experience of what it’s like to work with you will put you ahead of everyone else they *could* hire.

If you’re feeling like you KNOW there is a better way to fill your roster than the slimy DMs you’ve received yet…you don’t know the *exact* steps to build true relationships..I’ve got you!

Your best next step is my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit Call for more clients + cash. This call is 1:1 support for your business with my 8 years of experience in the online space supporting clients to 6, multi-6 and 7-figures.

On this call we’ll look at your current strategy and find the #1 gap to close so that you build true relationships in the online space and provide a sh** of value so that someone sees YOU as the answer to their problem.

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