How I had a $20k Cash Month In June AND Turned Around And Took Vaca The Entire Month of July!
Posted on August 2, 2023

Not many business owners make $20k cash recurring revenue AND can take an entire month off in their business.

Yes, I feel like a bad-ass 🙂 

I literally don’t know any other business owners who do this.

During this live session, I’ll be sharing the exact strategies, tactics, and mindset shifts that led me to such incredible success and ultimate freedom! 💪✨

Here’s what you can expect during our live chat:

🔹The mindset required to be able to hold BOTH $20k of monthly recurring cash AND be able to step away. 

🔹 The game-changing strategy, organization, and action steps that turned my dream of a month-long vacation into a reality. 

🔹 Personal stories and lessons learned along the way, so you can replicate my success! 

🔹 Q&A session, where I’ll happily answer your burning questions about achieving financial abundance and balancing life and work.

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights and embrace the freedom to enjoy life on your terms, you can’t afford to miss this live event! 🚀💰

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and invite your entrepreneurial pals to join the party! Let’s empower each other to thrive in business AND life! 🌟

See you all in my group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs this Wednesday 8/2/23 at 12pm EST!  Don’t forget you can catch the replay to tune in, take notes, and prepare to be inspired! 💡💫

P.S. I have an exciting giveaway for someone who joins live or catches the replay! So be sure to get your name in the hat!

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