How have I made 37 consecutive five-figure months without working constantly, having a large team, or spending a sh** ton on ads?
Posted on June 5, 2024

I’ll tell you but first…this wasn’t the case 8 years ago.

When I started my business I was charging $35/hour and couldn’t dream that one day I’d make enough to have 3 kids in private school/daycare AND max out my 401k in one year.

At that time…I LOVED what I did but had no idea how to offer services in a way that allowed freedom in my schedule and could look at my QuickBooks report and have $10k plus months on repeat.

What I quickly found out is that you NEED a high-ticket offer to get to those $10k plus months you so desire.

The reason I’m able to make great money, with a small team, and only organic marketing is because I only work with a handful of 1:1 clients at a time and offer high-touch/high-ticket services.

It’s actually EASIER to sell high-ticket and I take home more profit because I DON’T need a big audience or a complicated ads strategy or bleed money on a large team.

That’s why I’m a broken record and preach that it’s actually easier to sell a $2k offer than it is a $200 offer…and it’s because with high-ticket you can keep it simple.

You can be the hands-on mama because you’re not on the hook for 24/7 client delivery.

You can max out your annual retirement savings because you take home more profit.

You can take one funnel to multi-six figures and feel like you’re ‘cheating’ because things are SO much easier and more fun than when you only offered DFY services.

If you’re ready for $10k plus months without working more, hiring more team, or starting a complicated ad strategy you want this…⤵️

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