How Do You Start Your Week?
Posted on November 15, 2021

“It’s just another manic Monday” -The Bangles

The Bangles sing about “Manic Monday” but in my business, I call it “Money Monday”!

I like to look at all of my accounts. I see my balance, I know what still needs to draft out, and what I need to transfer out for owner pay and tax savings. This is something I do every.single.week. It sets my week up for success so there are no surprises.

I think it is so important to have this weekly “money date” with your business. Planning ahead helps reduce stress and anxiety as we go into the week.

I also work with clients on this and we have a monthly “CEO date” with their business. They show up as the CEO and I’m here to support them as their trusty CFO.

The business owners I work with are all so different but they have a few things in common:

-They don’t have their systems and processes in place-They don’t have current financial records and management reports at their fingertips

-They don’t have a long-term plan or know how to scale and grow their business

The challenges you may currently face with your business aren’t new. Every business owner I know (including myself) may struggle at some point with managing cash flow, pricing products/determining gross margin, and figuring out how to pay themselves a salary and save for taxes.

Let’s chip away one piece at a time. What can you do right now? You can join my masterclass this Friday on the 4 ways to grow your business! Yes, there are just 4 ways but there are SO many different pieces of those 4 ways.

We’ll talk strategy as well as the mindset around:

1) creating your vision and systems and processes as your foundation

2) increasing the number of customers/clients you have

3) increasing the number of returning customers/clients4) increasing the average sales/service value of each transaction

Message me for the link and any questions you may have. I want you to have ALL the information because your success is inevitable!