How do you feel about W-9 forms?
Posted on January 20, 2022

Call me a stickler but I recommend getting signed W-9 forms BEFORE working with a subcontractor.

1- You know they’re legit right off the bat!

2- You aren’t scrambling at year-end to get the forms!

I know it can be hard to think about little things like W-9 forms but working with a bookkeeper and using QBO can make it easy!

As you go through the year, your bookkeeper will notice new vendors and each month request a W-9 form from them.

This can be emailed directly to the subcontractor through QBO and their account updated when the sub fills it out.

This saves you so much time and headache when it’s January and these forms are due but your sub won’t respond to your emails or texts!

If you can’t get the information save your attempts!

The IRS recommends trying three times. I would save each attempt and put them in QBO with the vendor’s profile. That way you have the backup IF you ever need it!

Is this happening to you right now? Let’s chat about it! Link in my bio for free calls!

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