How cool is it that I’ve TRIPLED my revenue from $79k a year to $239k a year….
Posted on June 5, 2024

AND support fewer clients, have huge profit margins, and get to work around my daughter’s schedules?

But for real though…🤯

I’m still blown away that I when I pivoted from DFY to DWY I 3X’d my revenue from $79k to $239k with fewer clients + working less

AND do it in the comfort of my home

while being the hands-on mama I want to be

who takes the entire MONTH of July off to take my girls to the mountains.

I mean…🔥 right!

And to be clear…I did this intentionally.

It didn’t ‘just happen’.
I MADE it happen.

I knew I was meant for more and pivoted from DFY bookkeeping to high-touch 1:1 coaching.

And I’m so grateful to that previous version of myself…

this pivot has changed my life in every way…I’m feeling the most fun + freedom I’ve ever felt ❤️

Are you a DFY/hourly service provider who knows she’s meant for more?

Ready for five-figure months on repeat without a ‘big’ business, big team, ad spend, or working more?

Maybe you’ve created a high ticket offer, done the full day branding photo shoot in a pantsuit and heels…

but you still can’t get anyone on a call

no one is messaging ‘paid’ in your DMs

And you feel like maybe this was a mistake

and you should just go back to your DFY services and just ‘work harder’ there.

Nope…I’ve been there and I’ve figured the hard sh** out so you don’t have to!

I’ve laid it all out!

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3Xing your revenue with fewer clients doesn’t just ‘happen’ so get the tools to MAKE it happen

Because if you don’t make this pivot..nothing changes!

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