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Nice to meet you!

I’m Jordan, 8 years ago I was charging $35/hour as a bookkeeper and now I have a full 1:1 coaching practice and make $20k cash months.

As a bookkeeper/CPA turned 1:1 business coach who’s built a multi-6-figure coaching practice I am the BEST person to support you to turn your bada$$ done-for-you skills into a high-touch offer to support your clients more deeply AND that charges a higher-ticket.

I’m the only business coach who uses data + strategy to help you not only book clients but build a more profitable business!

It’s not about booking that next client.

It’s knowing that you can do it again and again.

Hey, I’m

jordan ilderton

 I know we just met but…I’m on a mission to support done-for-you services providers to stop working way too hard, stop putting in too many hours, and stop feeling like they’re always working and can never pay themself those $10k months.

I know that those DFY services served their purpose.  They developed some badass skills and brought in some quick cash AND they aren’t sustainable for the long-term.

The good news is…those skills put you in the BEST position to support your clients on a deeper, higher-touch, white-glove level.

FACT:  My clients see an increase in revenue by tens of thousands of $$ from our work together!

Jordan Ilderton

My clients hire me when they’re trying to create their new high ticket offer and book their first client AND when they’ve reached multi-6 figures and don’t know why they aren’t ‘taking home more money’ for all their hard work.

I cover both ends of the spectrum and I can support whatever phase you’re in!

Your journey starts with a FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High-Ticket Offer!

On this call we will, define you DFY skills, give you clarity around the services that will support your clients on a deeper level (and that they didn’t even know they needed) so that you can reach those $10k months without burning out!

The best part?  It’s FREE!  You literally have nothing to lose…this is 30 minutes of free 1:1 support so that you can grow your business and transform your life!

why the change from typical bookkeeping?

I work with done-for-you service providers 1:1 so they can take their skills, repackage them into the kinds of offers that have them fill their rosters and make $10k months.

As a bookkeeper, I saw the gap between my services (entering transactions + sending monthly reports) and the support my clients *actually* needed to increase revenue and profit.

Five years into my business I made the pivot and you can too!

Instead of just ‘increasing prices’ and putting yourself at risk of pricing yourself out of the market…create a new offer that repackages those DFY skills into high-ticket coaching, consulting, courses or masterminds!


That is how I’ve supported clients to increase their net income by tens of thousands of dollars.

That is how I’ve supported clients to bring in NEW revenue from $200 to $10k a month.

It’s a myth that business coaching is just for people with bags of money sitting around.  Some of my clients have hired me when they had a net loss (aka they spent MORE than they made).

They saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to stop trading time for money, stop being the ‘low price leader’ and step into a new roll that showcases their talents and pays them $10k months!

Is now your time?

Let’s get to know each other….book a FREE call to see if we’re a fit.  What do you have to lose?

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what clients say

Michele Neskey

Michele Neskey

I have been working with Jordan for over a year and I can honestly say she has helped my business grow. She is responsive and thoughtful, and she takes the time to give me all the details I need to see the changes I am looking for in my business. She has allowed me to see the potential in my business and I am excited to continue my journey with her!

Michele Neskey

The Posh PA

Elizabeth Shealy

Elizabeth Shealy

Jordan you are such a ray of sunshine for my business! My books were jumbled and disorganized and somehow you made sense of it all! Now I am caught up and I have a huge sense of relief to know that next year during tax time I won’t be up nights. You literally saved me and my marriage! Thank you!

Elizabeth Shealy

Rock Beauty

Holly Thorpe

Holly Thorpe

Jordan has a soulful approach that helps keep what’s important to ME as the forefront of my business. She’s helped me create profitability goals and helped create clear pathways to meet them. Jordan is patient with guiding visual, right-brained folks like me. She makes you feel that she’s always got your back. I highly recommend her services!

holly thorpe

Wild Craft

Iris Miranda

Iris Miranda

I am super grateful to Jordan for the knowledge and help she have provided me. I am excited to take control of my business and personal finances and blissful for the changes that forthcoming. It was easy working with her because she make it easy to understand and work with me in each of the subject matters that I was having a hard time understanding. She was responsive and professional. Thank you Jordan!

Iris Miranda

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Working with Jordan was a pleasure. As a contractor, I read numbers on a tape measure but reading them as it applies to business was a completely different thing. As a business owner, it can be very hard to ask for help. But Jordan was very easy to talk to. She has a great energy for what she does and she has a true talent when it comes to all things business. Hiring someone like Jordan can be intimidating. After all most of us don't even know how to read financial reports let alone be able to talk to someone who can produce them. But she made the process very easy.

chris smith

Smith Trade Renovations

Chris Smith

Annise Blackwell

Life and business changed when Jordan took on our bookkeeping. We no longer feel confused or alone in monthly accounting or bogged down by tax season. As our business began to grow Jordan took the initiative to help us better harness our direction and efforts. She’s completely worth the investment.

Annise Blackwell

Coastal Cruising Carts

Client results

My clients are hard-working done-for-you service providers who want to use their skills to create high-ticket coaching, consulting, courses, and masterminds to support their clients on a deeper level!

You’ll want to hire me when:

– You’re maxed out with the # of clients you can take but don’t feel like you’re making money.

-Are frustrated because someone told you to ‘charge your worth’ and now you’ve priced yourself out of the market and are watching your bank account dwindle.

-Feel underutilized because you can support your clients in SO many ways if they would just give you the chance!

Here are a few of my clients’ results:


Worked with a service provider to go from a net loss of $132k in 2022 to net income of $82k in 2023.  That’s an increase in (cash) net income of $214!


My revenue share clients (there were 4) has NEW revenue in 2023 to the tune of $32k between them!


Worked with a product based client to go from ZERO to $5k in monthly sales during her 1:1 container.


One client is booked out 3 weeks in advance for his services! 


One service based client made $9700 from her ‘test’ launch!


A service provider client was booking clients for her service that she didn’t even have a name for yet!

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