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Book the clients + make the revenue you’ve always dreamed of!

What you track increases.

What you focus on expands.

What you are grateful for flourishes.

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Clients hire me when:

-They’re wanting to book their first client, create a process to do it over and over, get clear on their messaging, get clear on their strategy, and make their first few thousand dollars.


-When they’ve reached multi-six and seven-figures and don’t know how profitable they actually are, aren’t sure if it’s sustainable, need to know how to use the data to support their decsions (and make sure it’s correct) and have a business mind in their corner and on their side. 

Regardless of where you fall, we’ll work together to get you the revenue and take-home pay you SO desire.

I have seen too many business owners waste their time and hard-earned money on a new website, new photos, new email funnel, new course, new video trainings….you name it…all in the hopes of quickly hacking how to make more revenue. 

 Sadly, they get stuck and burned out.  Feel like they’re constantly moving on to the next ‘thing’.  Feel like if they could just ‘pay somoeone’ to give them the answer then they’d have the $10k take-home pay months they want.

This is why I am SO passionate about my 1:1 work.  Nothing else in the online space compares to the support and traction that 1:1 support will give so that you’re clear on what you want, get out of your own way, and have a mirror to reflect back to you.  Nothing.


Your journey starts with a FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit Call for More Clients + Cash! 

Whether it’s an update to your current visibility strategy or where you can get your time back while reaching more people strategic repurposing…I’ve got you covered! 

The best part?  It’s FREE!  Together, we’ll identify the #1 gap or opportunity for you to be able to turn your content strategy around so you can stop spending endless hours online and instead know exactly where to focus…so you get fully booked and make those $10k (plus) months you so desire!


Jordan Ilderton

why the change from typical bookkeeping?

I work with many soloepreneurs and spouse-owned businesses.  They feel so alone in their entrepreneural journey.

They spend hours a day/week/month working outside their zone of genius on business tasks that need to get done but don’t move them forward.

The one thing I have seen over and over?  Business owners staying stuck for a loooong time because they wouldn’t allow themselves to get support.  They felt like they needed to get to a certain point in their business to ‘earn’ the help.

No matter where you are on your journey…once you get support….you are free to do the work that lights you up!  You are no longer flying solo wondering if you’re ‘doing it right’.


Our add-on bookkeeping support will help you to USE your data in a way that gives you more take-home pay!  I’m all for more revenue BUT we want you to keep more of that!

This support is one of the most liberating things an entreprenur can do!  It opens you up to working on the parts of your business that generate MORE revenue as we work together to increase profitability.

Our team of amazing bookkeepers will make sure your numbers are correct and updated so we always have the best information at our fingertips.  Having the bookkeeping in-house, means we really know you and your business!

Teaming up with just any bookkeeper or any advisor isn’t the answer.  You need to team up with someone with a proven track record of helping business owners thrive.

That someone is me!

If you’re still reading this and asking yourself, “How will I have the time and money to do this?”  I 100% understand!  My goal is to be accessible to new business owners and seasoned business owners alike.

I’ve worked with so many business owners, who thought they were “good” with money but were spending it on things that won’t solve their problem.  For example, they want more profit in their business but were spending thousands of dollars a month on advertising that had ZERO ROI. 

Growing your audience won’t necessarily book you more clients.  We focus on conversions!  We focus on building relationships with your audience and helping them feel safe and supported to buy from you!

When you work with someone 1:1 who knows you and your business, we can solve the RIGHT problem.  You can save yourself time and money by not chasing the next ‘shiny ball’ solution or strategy!


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Profitability Coaching

profitability coaching

Managing Money

in-house bookkeeping

Business Intensive

business intensive

what clients say

Michele Neskey

Michele Neskey

I have been working with Jordan for over a year and I can honestly say she has helped my business grow. She is responsive and thoughtful, and she takes the time to give me all the details I need to see the changes I am looking for in my business. She has allowed me to see the potential in my business and I am excited to continue my journey with her!

Michele Neskey

The Posh PA

Elizabeth Shealy

Elizabeth Shealy

Jordan you are such a ray of sunshine for my business! My books were jumbled and disorganized and somehow you made sense of it all! Now I am caught up and I have a huge sense of relief to know that next year during tax time I won’t be up nights. You literally saved me and my marriage! Thank you!

Elizabeth Shealy

Rock Beauty

Holly Thorpe

Holly Thorpe

Jordan has a soulful approach that helps keep what’s important to ME as the forefront of my business. She’s helped me create profitability goals and helped create clear pathways to meet them. Jordan is patient with guiding visual, right-brained folks like me. She makes you feel that she’s always got your back. I highly recommend her services!

holly thorpe

Wild Craft

Iris Miranda

Iris Miranda

I am super grateful to Jordan for the knowledge and help she have provided me. I am excited to take control of my business and personal finances and blissful for the changes that forthcoming. It was easy working with her because she make it easy to understand and work with me in each of the subject matters that I was having a hard time understanding. She was responsive and professional. Thank you Jordan!

Iris Miranda

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Working with Jordan was a pleasure. As a contractor, I read numbers on a tape measure but reading them as it applies to business was a completely different thing. As a business owner, it can be very hard to ask for help. But Jordan was very easy to talk to. She has a great energy for what she does and she has a true talent when it comes to all things business. Hiring someone like Jordan can be intimidating. After all most of us don't even know how to read financial reports let alone be able to talk to someone who can produce them. But she made the process very easy.

chris smith

Smith Trade Renovations

Chris Smith

Annise Blackwell

Life and business changed when Jordan took on our bookkeeping. We no longer feel confused or alone in monthly accounting or bogged down by tax season. As our business began to grow Jordan took the initiative to help us better harness our direction and efforts. She’s completely worth the investment.

Annise Blackwell

Coastal Cruising Carts

new masterclass

Jordan Ilderton

The 4 Ways To Grow Your Business
Intentional + Sustainable Growth

Purchase this 90-minute masterclass to kick start your business growth. Four ways to grow your business sounds too simple, right? Actually, everything you can think of will fit into these four ways.

Client results

The clients I work with come from different backgrounds and have various business models. Some have brick and mortar locations, some are service-based, some are 100% online but they ALL want to create a business for THEIR goals.

Business owners want to hire me – when they don’t know their numbers or what to do next AND when they do have a thriving business and are in a good place – because they don’t want to do it alone. They have seen the change and growth that can happen with a Holistic CFO on their side.

Here are a few of my clients’ results:


Worked with a product-based business and ran a break-even calculation on a new piece of equipment for the busy season that will pay for itself after selling 212 units. They expect to break-even within the first month (during the slow season) and the expected revenue this summer is (conservatively) $7000!


Worked with a service provider to add an additional stream of revenue. Her January + February 2022 revenue is up by $9,555 from January + February 2021.


Currently working with a married couple owned business to get them more support. We’re creating job descriptions, systems & processes, and working on time blocking to get their system lean and stream(lined)!


We recently worked with a client who had over reported his income by $20k!  Basically, he didn’t match the deposits to the invoices so the money was counted twice.  We fixed the incorrect transactions and set him up correctly going forward!


Worked with a product-based business to increase the average ticket size by $.50 which increased revenue by $2,122 in February (which is their slowest month)!


Worked with a small private school that wanted to move into a larger location. We calculated their new fixed and variable costs with the larger space, the amount of tuition needed to pay for the space as well as costs associated with additional staff. They are moving to the new space when the school year ends in May!

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