High Level…Not Eye Level
Posted on February 15, 2022

“This is high level, not eye-level.” -Beyonce feat. Jay-Z

Those monthly reports.

Maybe you feel like you’re looking at a bunch of words that may as well be Latin.

And numbers that can’t be yours.

Maybe you have no idea what any of it is but feel like everyone else who owns a business does.

Or maybe you are diligent about reviewing your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet every month from QBO.

How’s that working? I’m guessing it’s leaving some questions still unanswered!

While I do recommend business owners look at those…they are the BARE BONES minimum!

If you are a business that generates revenue, those little QBO reports are (in my opinion) not enough!

Let’s not just look at last month or last year but let’s talk trends!

Let’s do some fun projections for the future and set up some targets.

Let’s look at bar graphs and trend lines. We can compare so many things!

Let’s set up YOUR OWN KPIs. For real! Did you even know you could do that? Yes!

Your business is not a one size fits all template- your business is your life!

Let’s read in between the lines to see what is happening and figure out how to get you to those big goals. Your success is inevitable!

DM me to talk and we can figure out how to get you usable information from your accounting and point of sale software!

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