Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Leads: the exact content strategy updates you need for 2024
Posted on June 13, 2024

I know you don’t have a consistency problem.

I know you show up on IG and in FB groups like you’re ‘supposed to’.

I know that you feel SO confused because you’re doing everything ‘right’ and still something is not working and best-fit leads are not coming through your door…

And there’s a good chance you’ve considered ads because you’re at SUCH a loss for WTF is going on?

And since I know you’re already consistent…buying ads or hiring the best copywriter or social media manager isn’t going to have a potential client builder a deeper relationship with you because you’re missing some VITAL pieces in your strategy.

That’s why I’m going live this Wednesday in my FB Group Savvy DFY Service Providers Scaling to $10k Months to crack the code on lead generation!

I’m giving you the details on what IS working in 2024 to have best fit leads coming through your door and to stop leaving money and amazing clients on the table.

We’ll jam on:

🎯 Why just ‘being consistent’ isn’t the thing that works in 2024 (even if it worked for you great in previous years). 

💰Why dumping money on ads isn’t the magic bullet you think it is.

💡AND I’ll give you some simple FREE tweaks you can make in your strategy that will have someone sign up for your free audit/free call/free pdf and then be warmed up to hire you!

🎁 As a bonus ‘thank you’ for joining LIVE or commenting on the replay, I’m giving away my bonus playbook, Mastering Sales Posts That Turn Into Clients + Cash, with the framework my clients and I use to create sales posts that have people reaching out to YOU to buy your high-ticket offer!

Can’t make it live?  No worries, we’ll miss you but the replay will be waiting for you and pinned at the top of the group!  You can also catch all my previous livestreams on my website!

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