Here’s why you haven’t had success raising prices (and your take-home pay) for your done-for-you services….
Posted on March 25, 2024

“I just want to charge my worth!”

Can you guess how many times I’ve heard this from DFY service providers who want to raise rates but then price themself out of work?

Despite all their hard work these web designers, bookkeepers, OBMs, VAs, social media managers, and copywriters feel stuck in the endless grind.

Maybe you’re with them…

👉You want better clients.
👉You want to make those $10k months.
👉You want more out of your work and your life.

But you just don’t know “HOW”?

Once you make the shift OUT of your DFY services into a higher-ticket offer you’ll be able to:
✅ Attract premium clients at a premium price tag
✅ Work exclusively with clients you love and see your value
✅ You’ll get hours back with your family every week
✅ You’ll know that you have a system to make $10k cash months a repeatable thing.

You DO have a choice.

What’s it going to be?

If you’re someone who is ready to step out from behind the scenes and instead play a bigger role in your client’s businesses AND make bank doing it…I got you!

You want to grab my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session to create, launch, and sell out your high-ticket offer! This free 1:1 support is the foundation for creating those $10k months on repeat. You’re not going to get there with a $40/hour offer…on this call, you’ll get clarity around your new offer that will put you on the path to $10k (plus) cash months.

Stop wondering why you can’t just ‘raise prices’ to make more money AND instead do the thing (aka create a new offer) that will *actually* make you more money.

After supporting countless clients to pivot out of their hourly rate and into a premium offer I know what works. You’ll have my experience building my own multi-six-figure coaching business with $20k cash months after being a $35/hour bookkeeper when I started 8 years ago.

Let’s do this! Comment “YES” or grab the link in my bio to book your free call!

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