Here’s all the sh** I thought I had to do to make six figures…….
Posted on January 23, 2024

❌ I thought I just needed a ‘business I loved’ because that alone would book clients.

❌ I thought I needed to visualize daily all the people DMing me to buy.

❌ I thought if I just journalized and said enough affirmations people would be ‘magnetized’ to me and I would have a full client roster.


It can be SO confusing to hear everyone talk about building a business you love and still not have the clients + cash to show for it.

Since then, I’ve figured out the real sh** that actually works to make you money.

I’ve made 33 consecutive five-figure months and it happened when I dropped all that other sh** and actually had a framework that WORKS to book clients and pay the bills.

I’m here to tell you…business is a game AND I’m here to teach you how to play it to win!

If you’re feeling like all the journaling and affirmations aren’t turning into paying clients…I have an exclusive offer for you!

Join me for my FREE Masterclass Your Six-Figure Plan: How to make 2024 the year you join the $100k club! This month I’m peeling back the curtain to give you the playbook to what WORKS to make six figures…and how you can too!

If you feel like you’re taking the right actions but they aren’t converting into paying clients or deposits in your bank account…this masterclass is for you!

You’ll get the playbook where I’ll walk you through my *exact* framework for nurturing relationships with the humans who are your best-fit clients. These are based on strategy and won’t have you chanting endless affirmations or hours of visualizing.

You’ll be entered to win a FREE coaching session as a ‘thank you’ so that together, we can focus on the sh** that actually books clients in your business and what you can implement now to bring you closer to six figures.

So let’s do this! Make 2024 the year you join the $💯k club!

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