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Posted on June 27, 2022
We are halfway through the year!
Thinking of how you want your future (and inevitably) your today, to look is the only way to get there.
In business, we use budgets and forecasts to help guide us. They are often lumped together but are quite different. 📈
We use budgets to outline what we THINK will happen and then analyze any differences.
Did the difference help?
Did the difference hurt?
We use forecasting as a projection of what you think will happen at a higher level by examining historical data.
Forecasting revenue will help us determine:
👉 how many do we need to sell?
👉 how many do we need in inventory?
👉 do we need to hire another team member?
We use these tools together. Forecasting helps to build the budget, but many business owners are too overwhelmed to do this process.
I love working with clients 1:1 because they really get to know their numbers and their business in a way that they never have before. We use our time together so your business has more profit AND you have more peace. 💰☮️
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