Get The Inside Scoop On My New Revenue Share Model (AND why it feels like a natural next step)!
Posted on April 25, 2023

We ALL know we should increase our rates every year. This can be tricky. Do we increase a certain $ amount or a certain %? Those were questions I’ve been grappling with as I’m getting fully booked and looking at increasing rates. A random, arbitrary increase just didn’t feel “right”. In this Livestream, I’m giving you all the details about this new strategy I’m implementing Jan 1, 2023. The revenue share model is a tried and true strategy that other coaches have been using for years and I’m so excited to test it out and share the details with you! I’ll give you all the details on the mindset, strategy, organization, and implementation that this new strategy will entail. With this strategy, I’m putting my money where my mouth is because I don’t get paid more if my clients don’t make more.


Since I’m ALL about more Peace + Profit in your business this seemed like a natural next step AND a way for me to stretch myself in a way that feels good! Join me this Wednesday, 12/14 at 12:00pm EST in my FB Group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs. It’s the day after my birthday and feels like a great time to start this conversation and give you the details! As always, there is a special giveaway for those of you who join live or catch the replay!