Frustrated biz owners can make sh***y CEOs ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

The exact strategy that got me booked overnight.
Copy/paste this script to sign your next high-paying client in one week.
You’ll never have to get on another discovery call again.

This marketing sells not because it actually works but because it hits on a pain point with SO many business owners.

They want SO bad for this to be true they’re willing to throw good $$ at bullsh** marketing promises.

If you can’t make a sale in your business or if your bank account is so low you can’t pay yourself…

When you hear “Get the exact 4 emails I used to sell out my offer” that is going to sound SO damn good.

Like when my daughter was 3 months old and not sleeping, I went down a rabbit hole of every gadget out there because I was SO desperate for something…anything…to work. And I was so sleep-deprived I didn’t make good decisions.

If you’re stressed out in your business because you can’t book clients and can’t pay your team…you are going to get swindled by the ‘online snake oil’.

Because that marketing is hitting RIGHT on that pain point and you want those 4 emails to ‘work’ so bad that you can’t even think straight.

People can literally say anything online.

Do you want to buy from a graspy, desperate, or needy energy?

If so, literally walk away from your device and the marketing.

That marketing triggers an emotional response and you need to distance yourself from it and get your head on straight.

Instead of chasing quick fixes, what you need is a strategy for your unique stage…one that gives long-term clients + cash.

That’s why you want to grab my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY provider scaling to $10k months. This call is for CEOs like you who are ready to step away from gimmicks and instead build the strategy that attracts the right clients and consistently builds your business.

On this call, we’ll dive into the real reasons you’re not booking clients, feel like your marketing is landing flat, or just aren’t selling your high-ticket offer when DFY filled so easily!

Don’t let desperation drive your business.

DM me “strategy” so that you can get access to my calendar!

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