From Burned Out To Balanced
Posted on March 14, 2023

If revenue is your ONLY business goal…I hate to tell you but it’s not as great as you think.

Don’t get me wrong revenue IS important! We have operating and team expenses AND we want/need to get paid for our services.

But if you think more money is going to make you happier, study after study is there to prove that wrong.

That’s what I want to showcase in my client case study. Feeling excited 🤗 and on fire 🔥 in your business is what sustains your business for the long term!

I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.

Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!

After 4 years in business and trying all the things…my client was burned out. We started working together in year 3 of her business.
Her revenue went from $28k in year 1 to $128k in year 4! Which is amazing and sexy and all the fun things but she was not enjoying her business.

On the outside…things looked good…she had tons of followers and engagement. But this was not sustainable…she wasn’t spending time with her family and felt like she was having a mental breakdown.

Our work together was focused on what SHE wanted and what fit her life. Instead of her marketing and business defining her life and schedule she got super intentional and flipped the script. This created SUCH a feeling of peace for her AND more connection with her family because she could actually focus on them!

👉 Set yourself up for the long game! I always say, “consistency over intensity” especially in content marketing.
👉 Don’t be afraid to do something different than ‘you’ve always done it’. Having a coach alongside you to see the vision through is SO powerful!
👉 If things look ‘great’ on the outside but don’t feel good on the inside…don’t feel like you have to keep doing something because so many people would ‘love to be in your shoes’!

I love sharing these stories…they may not be the same problem you have in your business but the goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!

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