Posted on January 3, 2022

Entrepreneurs love our freedom. Don’t hold us down!

The freedom is amazing but sometimes it leaves us flailing around.

I am such an advocate of using time blocking or some other version of scheduling your time. It doesn’t have to be limiting. This can be freeing!

Instead of constantly having to decide what to do and when to do it, we create time for it in advance. This takes away the decision fatigue of, “What do I work on today?”

You will hear me talk about “Money Mondays” constantly! This is a weekly money date you have to look at your account balances and what is left to come out. This is a routine that I always recommend getting into.

Is it a new month? Take a birds-eye view of your calendar and see what you have planned.

Look at your marketing and advertising schedule. Is that all set up with a team member in charge of each item? Do you have all your client meetings on the schedule, if not, get those set up instead of week by week.

Are you having trouble with prioritizing and planning your time? Contact me- I have an amazing (FREE) time-blocking spreadsheet that I can share with you right now!

Need additional help organizing your systems and processes and making them part of your strategic plan?

Let’s chat- I work on this all the time and have seen clients have such a change in their business when routine and organization are part of the foundation!