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(for consistent five-figure months)

I help my clients make more money (to the tune of an extra $10k-34k a month) AND I consistently pay myself $10k a month.

Consistent content is THE lever to push if you’re wanting more clients and more revenue.

As a bookkeeper/CPA who uses my know-how of data and numbers to support clients in a coaching role- I know how important content is!  I’ve literally doubled my revenue from it in one year and want to support you to do the same.

Ready to cut through

the online bullsh** and actually

make the revenue you so desire ?

Are you sick of not knowing where your next client will come from ?

Or maybe you feel like ‘organic marketing’ has passed you by and you’re at your wit’s end and almost desperate enough to spend a bunch of $$$$ on ads!

Or maybe you’ve spent good $$ on every template out there, every course that promises results, and any other ‘strategy in a box’ and you feel like you wasted your time and money?

Or maybe your online ‘vanity metrics’ are great BUT the regular Paypal notifications aren’t rolling in like you thought they would be?

Even if you’ve spent thousands of $$ on a beautiful website and branding photos…they don’t mean sh** if you don’t get them in front of your audience!

If this is ringing true to you….you’re in the right place!

Client results

What if you could have 28 people on your waitlist 4 months before cart opens?

What if you have $10,000 of new revenue this month?

What if you added an additional five figures of revenue just from getting your links to your audience and tracking which ones converted?

What if you could get clear on your messaging, content categories, content strategy, and sales post all in one hour instead of months and years?

What if you could add five people a day to your Facebook group?

**These are ALL literal results from my clients!**

As I’ve built my own multi-six figure business …

(and helped countless clients do the same over the past 7 years) I see a common theme….connecting with potential customers is the lever to press for more revenue and more clients.

As I’ve pivoted from bookkeeping to coaching, I’m working with my clients to not just know their revenue but to INCREASE it!

We’re doing this through content…Not just any content…but consistent content that provides value, shows your expertise, and why YOU are the one to solve the problem your audience has.

Over the past 7 years, I have built a multi-six-figure business in part-time hours!  I am a genius when it comes to organizing my time AND have a rock-solid content strategy so I’m not wasting precious time.

In the past year, my revenue has doubled.  I didn’t create a new offer.  I didn’t raise my prices.  The only thing I *changed* was to have a consistent content strategy that has gained momentum.

I work approximately 30 hours a week, have never paid for advertising, my 1:1 spots tend to stay fully booked and it’s been 100% from organic marketing!

I am not special (I am unique) but my results are YOUR results!  You can have a rock-solid organic marketing strategy that runs like a well-oiled machine AND brings in more cash and clients.

Jordan Ilderton
Jordan Ilderton

Have you read this far and still aren’t sure if this call is for you?

Maybe you’ve never had a free call and aren’t sure what to expect.

Let’s break it down!

We’ll start the call with a friendly overview of who you are and who your business supports.

We’ll talk about what you’re currently doing to get in front of your audience and book new clients.

We’ll look at opportunities to either A) lean into what’s working or B) stack another strategy on top.

We’ll break down exactly what those action steps look like and how they fit into your schedule so you can walk away from this call and start them NOW.

**People are always SO amazed that these action steps are tailored to you and not some template I had out to everyone.  We are ideating together to create what works for you and your business.**

Then…if it feels right…we can talk about how I can support you further.  This is a ZERO pressure call and you will walk away with action steps that are tailored to you so you can book clients on repeat! 

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting precious time and

limiting your take-home pay.