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Hi, I’m Jordan!

I’m a bookkeeper/CPA turned 1:1 business coach.

I take my love of data to support my clients to use their OWN business so they get fully booked and make those $10k holy grail months! 

It all starts with…organic marketing!

My SIMPLE content strategy has helped me build a multi-six-figure business in ONLY 30 hours a week. 

Together we’ll find the #1 gap to close in your strategy so you can post the right kind of content for your own consistent $10k months without being on social constantly! 

Ready to stop spending countless hours on social media all while not attracting the clients and cash you desire?

It took me over a year of showing up online to actually book clients from it.

Here’s how I turned that around into $20k cash months!

I  made the entertaining reels.  I spent tons of time using trending audio, doing funny dances, and didn’t have ANY paying clients on the other side of it.

Maybe you’ve been there too…

You’re spending countless hours posting on social media.

Or maybe purchased a mini course with post templates (I’m raising my hand here too)!

If you’re STILL trying to fill your client roster or $10k months you so desire, I have a FREE invitation for you.

Introducing my $10k Content Strategy Audit For More Clients + Cash

After 8 years in the online space and building my own multi-six-figure business in ONLY 30 hours a week (so I can priortize peace, life, and 3 girls)…. I know it’s not just about posting content all day long, and who has time for that? It’s about having a strategy to post the *right* kind of content that brings in consistent $10k months and has those paying clients rolling in.

Whether it’s an update to your current visibility and posting strategy, getting clear on your message, or finding where you can get your time back while reaching even more people with strategic repurposing, I’ve got you covered! The best part? This strategy audit is FREE for you!

Jordan Ilderton
Jordan Ilderton Masterclass

Join me for this free audit and strategy session.

Together we’ll identify the number one gap/opportunity for you to be able to turn your content strategy around, so you can stop spending endless hours online, and know exactly what to focus on.

We’ll transform your content from ‘Nice’ to ‘Hell yes, I need to hire her!’ You’ll walk away with targeted marketing recommendations, practical tweaks, and strategies that will level up your business and bank account.

read this far and still aren’t sure if this call is for you?

Maybe you’ve never had a free call and aren’t sure what to expect.

Let’s break it down!

We’ll start the call with a friendly overview of who you are and who your business supports.

We’ll talk about what you’re currently doing to get in front of your audience and book new clients.

We’ll look at opportunities to either A) lean into what’s working or B) stack a new strategy on top.

We’ll break down exactly what those action steps look like and how they fit into your schedule so you can walk away from this call and start them NOW.

**People are always SO amazed that these action steps are tailored to you and not some template I had out to everyone.  We are ideating together to create what works for you and your business.**

Then…if it feels right…we can talk about how I can support you further.  This is a ZERO pressure call and you will walk away with action steps that are tailored to you so you can book clients on repeat!

Stop wondering why you aren’t booking clients.

get the support to turn your content strategy around + get fully booked!