Feel free to borrow this belief when you’re a frustrated DFY service provider: Getting to $2k takes the same action as getting to $20k 👇
Posted on June 5, 2024

Maybe you’re a VA who can’t get someone to buy your $500/month services so you figure there is NO way someone will pay $1500/month for higher-touch services.

❌ that type of thinking is going to hold you back from making tens of thousands of NEW revenue in your business ❌

Selling a service that’s $500/month takes the same action steps as selling a $1500/month offer.

The fundamental pieces for both are:
✨ have a bada$$ offer where your skills shine and no one else online is doing it like you do.
✨ have messaging that speaks to your potential clients, connects the dots for them, and shows them what’s possible from hiring you.
✨ get visible in front of your audience and other audiences.
✨ create easy next steps for someone to build and deepen the relationship with you.
✨ know that objections are just a question and open the door to have a deeper conversation about what’s really going on.

If you can sell $200/month you can sell $2k a month…it’s literally a math equation that we get to figure out!

Where people tend to get it wrong when they pivot to high ticket…is that their offer is something they copied/pasted from someone else they saw making money online.

THIS is where people give up and convert back to the low-ticket offers.

If you’re here, you’re not one of those people.

And your best next step to create an offer that commands a higher price and easily sells out with the same fundamental steps as low ticket is by grabbing my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY providers scaling to $10k months.

Because when you have an offer that repackages those bada$$ DFY skills into something that leaves your clients saying, “YES I need that” your messaging gets easier, conversions happen faster, and your roster fills for five-figure months on repeat.

Selling high-ticket isn’t a mystery and my guess is…you’re already taking these same actions selling your DFY services.

DM me “strategy” to get access to your free 1:1 support!

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