February is for Job Love
Posted on February 23, 2018

It’s that special time of year again…time to talk about that thing that gets your heart racing and your mind singing- it’s job love!

This February I’d like to focus on Chantal Byrne Designs.  She designs cards and I was lucky enough to catch up with her this month!

When did you first realize you were interested in design?

when I went to the portfolio center in Atlanta I was originally going to do photography. I switched to design after speaking with several of my teachers who were in the design industry.

You’ve worked with some big name firms!  What’s the benefit of working with different businesses versus owning your own business?

Hallmark Cards, Inc. is an amazing organization with so much talent under one roof. From illustrators to textile designers and lettering artist you are constantly surrounded by amazing creatives and that is so helpful when it comes to keeping the creativity flowing. I also learned a lot from an advertising agency I used to work for, to brainstorm with other art directors and come up with storyboards for commercials is so much fun. There is more opportunity for a wide variety of projects when working for an organization.

What’s your favorite card you’ve designed?

My favorite card I designed at Hallmark was a Happy Birthday card.  It was a gender neutral card and I last saw it in a store about 3 years ago which is always fun!  I came up with the concept and then collaborated with an illustrator to execute the art. I worked with a lettering artist also and the card did quite well, I think that teamwork and working with fellow artists who understand your vision is key.

What’s the most requested card you’ve designed?

The most requested card has been baby shower invitations closely followed by baby announcements.

Did you start with a business plan?  If so, how has it changed since you’ve been working?

I did not originally start with a business plan but I am headed in that direction now. It has taken some time to get up and running. Originally I was going to focus only on invitations and stationery, however I am now helping a business with their marketing also which has been great. Having a business or two as a client is more profitable and I enjoy designing ads and promotional material.

What has been the most challenging part of getting up and running?  The most rewarding?

Timing and the thought that as a mother I would have more time on my hands than I actually do have has been the most challenging. The most rewarding part has been seeing that I still very much enjoy the design process, it makes me happy.

Thank you Chantal for speaking to us this month!

You can contact her at (e) chantalbyrnedesign@gmail.com and (t) 843/324-9819.

I hope this month has you feeling the love with your line of work!


Jordan Ilderton, CPA