“F*** that parenting book.” 📕
Posted on March 14, 2023

“F*** that parenting book.” 📕

I finally had to say!

It was one I had read while pregnant 8 years ago.

Nothing was wrong with the book.

What was wrong was my brain had latched on to one way that I “should” parent.

And I was making myself wrong.

Because of one little piece of information, I read over 8 years ago before I had kids outside of my body.

It was in the back of my mind every time I didn’t parent the way I thought I *should.*

It was something small that had zero effect on their overall health or happiness but…my brain blew it out of proportion every time I “failed” at this thing.

Then…I had to let it go.

I don’t cuss a lot but I had to say “f*** that book.” 🙅🏻‍♀️

And instead, I said, “I’m doing what’s right for me and my family.”

Oh, how often we do this to our business!

We see how someone else built their business that looks totally different than ours because:
👉 we have kids at home
👉 we take care of sick family members
👉 we still work FT

Whatever “it” is…our way doesn’t look the same and we think we suck!

Or we see someone pays themselves $100k/month and only works 20 hours and takes vaca every month (yes I’m being dramatic).

But we see our $2000/month working our booty every day and showing up and we think we’re a *failure*.

There’s NO perfect template on how to parent and there’s NO perfect template to create a business.

Let someone else’s ‘way’ go.

Find yours that you love and become magnificent at that! I’d love to know…what’s something you’ve let go of while building your business? ⤵️

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