Ever wonder how those ‘lucky’ DFY service providers working part-time effortlessly hit those $10k plus revenue milestones?
Posted on March 25, 2024

Milestones like:
🍾Celebrating their first $20k cash month.
🍾Filling high-ticket rosters within just 6 months.
🍾Generating $17k of NEW revenue in her first 6 months of working together.

These might seem like they’re for the ‘lucky’ few, especially if you’re:
❌ hearing endless “no’s”
❌ facing “you’re great but…” objections
❌ or if you’re stuck in the $3k-$5k monthly grind despite pouring your heart and soul into your business.

Let me let you in on a not-so-secret secret: Success isn’t about luck. 🙈

My clients aren’t banking on chance; they’re intentionally driving their business WITH the right support (me) to create their best offer ever, nail their messaging like they’ve done before, navigate objections + fill their premium offer!

Here’s the hard truth…going at it solo and saving a few bucks could be costing you thousands.

Are you curious about the mindset + strategy behind consistent 5-figure months?

If so, you’re exactly who my Creating $10k Monthly Recurring Revenue intensive is for!

These $10k MRR intensives are for my peeps who know they’re damn good at what they do, they have even more experience and bring more to the table than most people in their industry, AND they’re just not making the $10k plus months they so desire.

Many of my clients are busy moms who know they need to maximize their efforts so they can book clients in less time with less effort so that they can be a hands-on mama to their kids.

They don’t have endless hours to spend posting on social, sending emails, and crossing their fingers that it ‘works’. They’re ready to create bigger results with more focused and efficient actions.

Comment “MRR” to grab a link to my schedule to see if we’re a fit!

**These can be modified to support you exactly where you are right now…possible tracks include messaging around your offer, creating a clear and consistent content strategy, discussing how to hire team so that you can scale faster, and even refinement for increased conversion rates.

Have a question before you book? DM me and we’ll chat!

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