Don’t Spin Out Over the Numbers
Posted on January 12, 2023

I wore my new leggings backward for weeks….literally WEEKS before I realized it! 😅

At least daily, I remind my 3️⃣-year-old to look for the logo/tag to know which way to put on her clothes (it can be confusing)!

But this small piece of advice, I didn’t take myself. It was too *basic* and I thought I had outgrown the need to do that.

This recently snuck up on me in business.

I had a month where my profit was lower than normal. A bunch of annual software fees hit at once, I purchased more branding photos and a bunch of onboarding client gifts. I was SO bummed about it! 😔

I kept agonizing over my lower-than-normal profit margins. And how I was lower this month compared to the same month last year. The metrics were spinning me out and I was beating myself up about it.

Another piece of advice I needed to take myself?

➡️Don’t let the numbers and metrics spin you out.⬅️

I’m always talking to clients about this. Yes numbers and metrics are important BUT we don’t want to entirely run our business just based on them. It turns out we can really freak ourselves out, hold back, and create an overall sh***y experience!

A combination of the head and the heart is the sweet spot! We need a strategy, a plan, and targets AND we need to see it’s all working no matter what, see our overall trajectory, and celebrate where we are!

Once I stopped the spinout, I was able to see my trajectory was still going UP. I had amazing things in the works! Momentum was still building and systems and processes were already in place to support new clients. I could see how far I’d already come and how everything was already working for me!

After I took my own advice I was good!

I’d love to hear what good advice you frequently need to remind yourself of!